Featuring “flower motif” vessels that bloom prettily with a “poof!

Product Introduction

Fluttering and dainty floral motifs on vessels. The pretty blooms will brighten up your table. This time, we would like to introduce such “flower motif” plates from “YAMANI”.

Kaneko Kohyo Pottery Rinka

カネコ小兵製陶所 リンカ (輪花) 27cmプレート 桃練 やまに

The petal-like rim design of the RINKA series is impressive. The vintage look and feel of this vessel is nostalgic and calming. Since it is made of porcelain, it is also recommended as commercial tableware that requires durability.

Hana Yuu Oval Bowl

花ゆう 楕円ボウル 青なまこ やまに

A flower vessel full of loveliness, as if smiling at you.

This oval bowl has a pretty and lovely large petal motif. It is not monochromatic, but has a beige tint on the edges, which gives it a sense of simplicity.

Press de flower 25.5cm plate

プレス・ド・フラワー 25.5cmプレート マットベージュ やまに

A Scandinavian style series with cute little flower stamps. The slightly dull grayish hues and retro floral stamps are a perfect match! The matte glaze is moist and comfortable in the hand.

HANA-UFURE 24cm platter olive

【箱入り】花うふれ 24cm大皿 オリーブ やまに

Beautiful flower-shaped plate with a delicate cotton fabric pattern. Each piece of pottery is carefully crafted by hand by artisans with a deep sense of taste. This is a “tatara” process with a beautiful, delicate cotton fabric pattern. The flat shape with a slightly raised edge is very convenient for one-plate meals, pasta with a little soup, or side dishes.

asumi 23cm three-partition plate

asumi(彩澄) 23cm三つ仕切り皿 アメ色 やまに

Beautiful “asumi series” with delicate relief pattern. The natural, dark and subdued colors match very well. The design, a fusion of Japanese and Western, retro and modern, allows you to choose any genre of cuisine and any scene, and colorfully presents both regular home cooking and dishes for entertaining. Girly design that could be used not only as a plate but also as a tray for accessories and other small items♪

Hana-Shitoyaka 21.5cm deep plate

花しとやか 21.5cm深プレート ノワール やまに

This series has a beautiful shape like multiple layers of petals. It is available in two colors: pêche (= beige), a gentle shade, and noir (= black), which has a somewhat classical appearance. The rustiness of the rim adds depth to the vessel.

Rina Ono x Miyama x Oda Pottery tsudoi 輪花長鉢 淡青白釉

小野里奈x深山x小田陶器 つどい鉢 輪花長鉢 淡青白釉 やまに

A vessel to accompany the peaceful time when everyone gathers together. When families gather, when friends meet, when couples snuggle up. A place where conversation and smiles meet in the middle of the dining table, a vessel that accompanies the peaceful time when everyone gathers.

輪花長鉢 means long, round flower-shaped bowl.

淡青白釉 means pale blue and white glaze.

Designed by Rina Ono

Sakura Hitohira 27cm cherry blossom tray white porcelain

さくらひとひら 27cmさくらトレー 白磁 やまに

The Hitohira Sakura series is based on the image of fluttering cherry blossoms. Large cherry blossoms gently color the table.

miyama. sakura 7 inch round plate (21cm) pink

深山(miyama.) sakura-さくら- 7寸丸皿(21cm) ピンク やまに

Cherry blossom petals spreading all over the bowl. A bright dining table. The soft cherry blossom color will give your table a festive look. The delicate shading of this medium-sized dish is beautiful.

How was it? Was there a plate that blossomed in your mind?

Flower motif” vessels that add color to the usual table.


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