Make your usual home drinking more authentic! Sakeware and Glasses” that Shine with Special Attention


Make your usual home drinking more authentic!
Why not spend a time with a higher grade of “Sakeware & Glasses”, a specialty of BARs and Izakayas Japanese Pub ?

Reward yourself for always working hard… In this issue, we will introduce “Sakeware & Glasses” that shine with sparkle and attention to detail, according to the purpose of use.

A fun beer glass with a quirky shape

・Glass can 209

グラスカン 209 やまに

What an interesting glass cup with an image of a beer can.
The unusual visuals will enliven your evening drinks and parties.

・Bormioli Luigi Vilatec Cider Beer Tumbler

Bormioli Luigi ビラテック サイダー ビアタンブラー やまに

The drinking mouth is slightly warped and very pleasant to the palate.
The unusual shape of the bottom is a mechanism that creates a nice foam when beer is poured.

Borgonovo(ボルゴノボ) モナコ ビア 0.3 ビールグラス(ビアグラス) やまに

The sleek, tall, undulating shape is very gorgeous.
The nipped shape is fashionable and easy to hold. And because of its height, it pours beautifully in balance with the bubbles.

Recommended for Sake! small sake cup, large sake cup, sake bottle with beautiful delicate shapes and patterns

・shizuku large sake botte,  sake  cup  white porcelain



Artistic and beautifully streamlined drinking vessels that look like drops of water dripping from leaves.

・miyama. hibiki – sake cup, drinking vessel white porcelain

The clean stripes give it a dignified appearance.
Delicate vessels with attention to detail.

・【Boxed Gift Set】miyama. Suuun・sasasa sake cup set of six

【箱入りギフトセット】深山(miyama.) Suuun・sasasa ぐい呑六個組 やまに

This series is made of white porcelain clay and fired at a high temperature of 1,340 degrees Celsius.
The thinness of the paper makes the patterns appear to float through the paper, reminding one of a scene seen through a shoji screen.

Recommended rocks glass for shochu


・miyama. fulico – cup 300cc plain white pattern on fabrics

Fulico cups swing loosely in the palm of your hand. The slightly pale pattern that seems to have been kneaded into the surface is beautifully familiar to the hand.

・Oda pottery honoka DIA
小田陶器 honoka ダイヤ ロック やまに

A translucent white porcelain cup with a hint of translucency.
By making the fabric thinner only in the relief area, the pattern appears slightly when the light shines through.

Free cups and tumblers” for chu hai and highball, whisky soda

・JYUZAN branche cup 8cm (L)

寿山窯 branche ブランシュ 8cmカップ(L)ラベンダー(高さ:10cm) やまに

Fluctuation and tranquility created by handwork.
The warmth of handwork is added to the inorganic, simple form, giving it a slightly casual look.
It is characterized by a moist matte texture and three exquisitely balanced feet.

・【Boxed Gift Set】miyama liken to Mt Fuji pair of tumblers

【箱入りギフトセット】深山 見立て富士 ペアタンブラー やまに

Fuji as a pattern to color the seasons and scenes.
Fuji as a pattern and traditional design.

・Oda pottery kushime cup 8.5cm

小田陶器 櫛目(kushime) 8.5cmフリーカップ アメ釉 やまに

Kushime is a series that evokes a sense of contemporary harmony as it stands on the dining table. Ame glaze, in which the shading of the glaze tends to show clearly. The coloring with depth is tasteful.

Cocktails & Wine Glasses” – a stylish bar atmosphere.

・Bartender Martini 17/170cc cocktail glass

バーテンダー マティーニ17/170ccカクテルグラス やまに

This is the cocktail! A martini glass.
Bring the atmosphere of the restaurant to your home.

・Sparkling wine glasses to enjoy at home

おうちで楽しむスパークリングワイングラス やまに

These glasses are sure to be a hit at parties.

・Reveal Up Intense 55 wine glass

リヴィールアップ インテンス55 ワイングラス やまに

High strength, high transparency and lasting brilliance.
And the wine glass, a favorite of professionals, which is even particular about its long-lasting tones.

Extra…cute muddlers that are handy to have.

・Acrylic cutlery block [Bekko] muddler triangle▲

アクリルカトラリー ブロック 【ベッコウ】マドラー サンカク▲ やまに

Muddler with acrylic parts inspired by accessories.
Other shapes, round and square, are also available, designed to add a point of interest to table decorations.

・Glass Muddler Gold Splendid Garden Eel

グラスマドラー にしきあなご ゴールド やまに

The gesture of the face coming out of the glass is a cute design.
It is a playful product that is interesting to use and to look at.

・Glass muddler silver diver 

グラスマドラー 潜水士 シルバー やまに

A muddler designed to look like a drink underwater.
It is very playful.

How was it?

Stylish sake cups and glasses will make your regular sake taste even better.
It can be a reward for yourself or a thoughtful gift for someone close to you.
We want to add more luster to our lives with beautiful sake cups.


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