[new start] Living alone All you need is this! How to prepare the basics and recommended tableware


In the spring of your new life, many of you may be living alone or moving to a new house and want to start from scratch with your tableware. It’s your first piece of tableware, so get your favorite!” But you don’t have much storage space yet, and you want to have enough to live with at least for now.

  • List of tableware you need to have for living alone
  • Selected lineup of YAMANI by types

Living alone, list of tableware you need to have

I just moved in and haven’t picked out a cupboard yet.It may not take up much storage space to begin with. If you have this, you can live with it for the time being! Here is a list of tableware. Please refer to it if you like… ♪

Now next.
If you want to go all the way, start with your favorite one!
For those of you who want to start with your favorite one, we have done our best to select a recommended lineup by type.

Our carefully selected line-up by type!

Rice bowl

Rice bowls are used every day. If you go to the trouble, we recommend a better one.

・Oda pottery MINORe(みのり) rice bowl olive

18835a.jpg (800×800)

Ethical tableware made from recycled materials.
It is an eco-friendly and ethical rice bowl made by crushing collected unwanted tableware and mixing it once again with soil to give it a new appearance.
It is a simple, functional vessel that is smooth, simple, and stain resistant.

・Kaneko Kohye Pottery Rinka (輪花) 11cm rice bowl white kneading

18463e.jpg (800×533)

The Rinka (輪花) series is impressive with its cute shaved design that looks like a blooming flower.
The vintage look and feel of the product, as if it has been used, gives it both a modern and traditional feel.

・Handwork Round rice bowl

手しごと 丸ご飯茶わん あい 十草 やまに

It is a simple texture that conveys the warmth of the clay, and the roundness of the bowl is lovely.
Two colors and two patterns are available.

Bowl used for serving soup

Like the rice bowl, this item is also indispensable for Japanese people. There are many different designs available now.

・Japan traditional colors Hasori nuriwake soup bowl light green

にっぽん伝統色 羽反塗分汁椀 若葉色 やまに

Lovely soup bowls with pop colors.
Perfect for a fresh new life!

・Aizu Lacquered Smooth Bowl
 会津塗スムース椀 黒 やまに

Dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe, this soup bowl feels smooth and comfortable in the hand.
The modern shape of the bowl is gentle on the palate, and the color of Aizu lacquerware (synthetic lacquerware), which is somewhat comforting to the Japanese, is a perfect match.

・Chunky wooden bowl beech M size

木のぽってりボウル ビーチ(ぶな) M やまに

The warmth of this soup bowl is due to the fact that it is made of natural wood.
The chunky thickness of the bowl makes it hard to cool down when filled with miso soup, and the bowl does not get hot, making it easy to carry.


It can be used as a one-plate dish with a number of side dishes, or sometimes with soupy dishes such as curry or pasta.
A plate that is larger and a little deeper will be useful in a variety of situations.


・TRIP WARE plate 240 – caramel

TRIP WARE プレート240 キャラメル やまに

Once it leaves the kiln, it is used at the table and returns again in time. The name “Tripware” was derived from this image.
Re-dishware” is made from eco-friendly and ethical recycled ceramic clay.

Small dish

This palm-sized small plate is useful for toast in the morning, cake as a snack, or as a serving dish.

・Oda pottery TOH 15 Ichijyu 15cm small dish – cork beige

小田陶器 TOH 15壱重 15cm小皿 コルクベージュ やまに

Cork Beige” is a rustic and warm color like cork.
For a natural and relaxed dining table that fits in with your life.
Ethical “Re-dishware” made from recycled materials.


・Nordic blue – deep blue 15cm plate

北欧ブルー 深ブルー 15cmプレート やまに

A plate with an impressive deep blue color that is a bit different from ordinary blue.
The back part of the plate is flat and designed to prevent water from collecting here almost completely. It is a vessel that dries tightly and is designed to drain well.


・Press de flower 16.5cm plate – matte beige

プレス・ド・フラワー 16.5cmプレート マットベージュ やまに

A Scandinavian style girly series with cute little flower stamps.
The slightly dull grayish hues and the retro floral stamps are a perfect match♪
The matte glaze is moist and comfortable in the hand.

・Donburi (large ceramic bowl)
コミュニティ確認済みアイコンRamen, udon, beef and seafood bowls. Just right for living alone, an absolute must-have for quick cooking!

・miyama. racca 15.5cm bowl (Donburi) – milky white

深山(miyama.) racca-ラッカ- 15.5cmボウル(丼ぶり) ミルキーホワイト やまに

The creamy texture of the glaze and the subtle relief gently accentuate the food.
Not too assertive, but with an upscale vibe that’s easy to handle!


・【Usukaru】hemp-pattern 14.7cm bowl – olive Lightweight tableware

【うすかる】麻柄つなぎ 14.7cm小丼 オリーブ 軽量食器 やまに

The “Hemp-pattern Tsunagi” series is decorated with the traditional Japanese “hemp leaf pattern” in a modern, natural color.
In the midst of newness, there are good old Japanese traditions. And the lightweight tableware is easy to handle.


・”Wagokoro” 15cm bowl – Seigaiha – Japanese traditional pattern

和ごころ 15cm多様丼ぶり 青海波 日本の伝統模様 やまに

Traditional patterns familiar since ancient times are arranged on tableware. This stylish tableware suits both Japanese and Western cuisine. Udon and soba noodles look good in this bowl.



It is perfect for serving cereals, desserts, and small side dishes in addition to salads.
The medium-sized bowls are useful in a variety of ways.

・COBALT 15cm salada bowl – wood pattern

藍ブルー 15cmサラダボウル ウッド やまに

A photogenic series with an eye-catching Scandinavian pattern.
The contrast between white porcelain and indigo is pleasantly simple and modern.


・ “Hanashitoyaka” 17cm shallow bowl – noir

花しとやか 17cm浅ボウル ノワール やまに

This series has a beautiful shape like multiple layers of petals. The rustiness of the rim adds depth to the vessel. A vessel with a beautiful antique look.


・ Shushu Grace 12cm bowl – rustic white

シュシュ・グレース 12cmボウル ラスティックホワイト やまに

Here is another antique style vessel. The slightly dull color, as if it has been carefully used for many years, has an indescribably languid atmosphere.

Mug cups

It can hold coffee, tea, morning soup, or even a small dessert such as pudding. Mugs that can be used for a wide range of purposes are one type of tableware that you want to be particular about because they are used every day.


・Shinzan kiln Yamatsu moment mug – light gray

晋山窯ヤマツ moment マグ ライトグレー やまに

This mug has a mild shape and cute pop coloring.
The wide drinking spout allows it to be used not only for drinks, but also for soup or as a dessert cup.


・ miyama. likes-ライクス- guest mug (h7.8) cherry gray

深山(miyama.) likes-ライクス- ゲストマグ(h7.8) チェリーグレー やまに

The Likes series is a modern design series with an impressive sharp shape. Conveniently, there are graduated lines (80cc, 100cc, 180cc) on the inside.


・Kaneko Kohye Pottery Rinka (輪花) 12cm mug cup – peach kneading

カネコ小兵製陶所 リンカ (輪花) 12cmマグカップ 桃練 やまに

The dainty, soft peach color of the Rinka (輪花) series.
The vintage look and feel of this vessel is nostalgic and calming.

What do you think? Did you find one of your favorites? I hope you can start a wonderful new life with one of my favorite pieces that will lift your spirits.




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