New colors added to asumi’s flower-shaped small bowls and 10 new minoyaki items are now in stock!

asumi flower-shaped bowl Information

May is the end of the month.
May is the last month of the fiscal year for Yamani.

Thanks to your support, we will be able to successfully complete this fiscal year.
We will continue to do our best in the next fiscal year.

Now, new products for this week.
We recommend “asumi” flower-shaped small bowl.

This week’s recommendation: asumi flower-shaped small bowl

New colors have been added to the asumi series flower-shaped small bowls made of recycled ceramic clay from discarded tableware.

asumi(彩澄) 花型小鉢

asumi is made from recycled ceramic clay containing 20% recycled raw materials based on unwanted tableware.
It is an earth-friendly Japanese tableware.

Light blue with a cool atmosphere.

asumi(彩澄) 花型小鉢

Ivory with a Japanese atmosphere.

asumi(彩澄) 花型小鉢

Three sizes are available.

There are many other items in the asumi series, so please take a look.


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Memories of Kogiso from Japan

This is the last week of May, so let’s take a look back.

Ochiyobo Inari at night

My friends and I went to Ochiyoho Inari on the night of April 30 to May 1.
I don’t know if it is every month at the end of the month, but I was surprised to see so many people there that I thought it was New Year’s. (This picture doesn’t show many people.)
The kushikatsu were delicious!

Sunset on the sea

We went to the beach for the holidays.
The whole family traveled together, and it was a memory that will last a lifetime.

Homework with Mocchi

When the older child is doing his homework, Mocchi-chan comes to see him as shown in ↑.
I wonder if she is interested in the gesture of writing.

My older son is now a junior high school student and has finally started studying English in earnest.
He is struggling to remember English vocabulary.
English is very useful, so I hope he will be interested in learning it.

abdominal roller

I bought an abdominal roller.
800 yen at Barrow Home Center. A bargain!
Are abdominal rollers used worldwide?

MiraSpo 2023

The MiraSpo, which was held last year at the Mizunami Junior Chamber of Commerce, was held again in 2023.
Kogiso was seconded to organizer and sponsor from Yamani.

I was personally concerned about whether the event could really be held due to the short preparation period, but thanks to everyone’s cooperation, it was held without a hitch.
I believe that many children enjoyed the sports event.

Banteling Dome (Nagoya Dome)

We were able to see the Chunichi/Yokohama baseball game on short notice because we received tickets to watch the game.
It was the first time for my children to watch a professional sports game.
The seats we entered were for cheering for the team, so it was very lively and fun!

These are my memories of Kogiso in May.
May next month be a good one as well.


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