Let’s start spring from tableware! Beautiful vessels with “Sakura” motifs


We would like to welcome spring with a bright heart by adding a little accent to our dining table with a motif of “cherry blossoms,” a synonym for spring.

In this issue, we would like to pick up some of the “Sakura” motif vessels handled by Yamani.

深山(miyama.) sakura-さくら- 7 inch round plate pink

深山(miyama.) sakura-さくら- 7寸丸皿(21cm) ピンク やまに

Cherry blossom petals spreading all over the plate. A bright dining table.
The soft cherry blossom color will give your table a festive look.
The delicate shading of this medium-sized dish is beautiful.

There is also a tumbler in the same series.

深山(miyama.) Sakura chopstick rests, five color set

【ギフトセット箱入り】深山(miyama.) さくら箸置五色組 やまに

The changing of the seasons expressed in small chopstick rests.
Packaged in an elegant Japanese paper box, this set is a perfect gift for all four seasons.


深山(miyama.) casane te-かさね茶器- teacup saucer(small dish) Cherry blossom design, peach glaze, earthenware bottle

深山(miyama.) casane te-かさね茶器- 土瓶 桜柄・桃釉 やまに

深山(miyama.) casane te-かさね茶器- 土瓶 桜柄・桃釉 やまに

The subtly and casually projected patterns are beautiful….
White cherry blossoms peek out from the peach-colored fabric like a spring haze.
This dish is reminiscent of a peaceful spring day.


11cm lightweight rice bowl pink, all over cherry blossoms

一面のさくら 11cm軽量茶碗 ピンク やまに

The design of this rice bowl is surrounded by cherry blossoms all over the surface.
It is a relief to imagine spring weather.


Chopstick clasp Sakura Gold

箸留(はしどめ) さくら ゴールド やまに

Combine chopsticks that would otherwise fall apart when storing them in a single container. Or use it as a chopstick rest for your dining table.
This innovative chopstick holder is useful for everyday use and celebratory occasions.


Japan traditional colors chopsticks& Hasori nuriwake soup bowl, Sakura

にっぽん伝統色 羽反塗分汁椀 桜色 やまに

にっぽん伝統色箸 桜色(さくらいろ) やまに

Chopsticks and soup bowls are arranged in traditional colors unique to Japan.
Please enjoy the charm of harmony with delicate and beautiful traditional colors.


[Boxed 5-piece set] Sakura Hitohira 11cm small dish, pink

【箱入り5枚セット】さくらひとひら 11cm豆皿 ピンク やまに

【Perfect for a gift! Boxed five-piece gift set.】
This set is perfect for celebrations.
A set of five pieces will produce exactly one cherry blossom.

There are also small bowls and large plates in the same series.


Kaneko Kohye Pottery Rinka

カネコ小兵製陶所 リンカ (輪花) 21cmプレート 桃練 やまに

The “Rinka” series is a bit different from cherry blossoms, but the large pale pink flowers are very spring-like.。
This is a long-selling product of “Yamani” that comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including large and small plates, rice bowls, and mugs.


How was it?

These vessels are decorated with a cherry blossom motif reminiscent of the beautiful spring.
Why not brighten up your dining table with a little garnish for new life and celebrations?


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